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Hamlet Luigi Cerri


W. Shakespeare

Translated into italian, directed and performed by LUIGI CERRI

Stage direction in co-operation with ADÈLE FRANTZ and CHLOÉ LATOUR

Costume and props TIFENN DESCHAMPS

Musical arrangements LUIGI CERRI

Play in italian
Production Compagnie Avanti, Compagnie Canopée,
Ville de Nanterre, Teatro Manhattan

Hamlet is alone on stage. He's haunted. The danish prince can't trust anybody, not even his own eyes, his own ears. What if Hamlet was surrounded by ghosts? What if he wasn't able to draw the line between reality and imagination?

Hamlet's tragedy is existential, political. His struggle and his weakness are our own: our conscience is too loud, our reality too unstable. My generation was unable to claim for justice; our fathers left to us a crumbling empire, that we couldn't manage to rebuild because we missed a clear plan. We are still hesitating, asking questions to ourselves. Like Hamlet, we are better at playing and meditating than at fighting wars.


The soundscape materializes the world around Hamlet. Like a river flowing, the sound drives Hamlet throughout the scenes. Such a jubilation of words, music and sound effects envelops the audience in the inner world of Hamlet.

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